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Here, you will find out more about our company,KKInstruments. And hopefully, you will get to understand how serious we are in doing our business. Everything was started from scratch. We will continue to learn no matter how big the company has become.

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All your private/purchases information are kept in our highly secured server using the latest Intel Xeon chip. With a reliable server,it will be much easier for our clients to claim warranty later.

Here's the guide to tell you how to purchase from KKInstruments.

KKI INSTRUMENTS (M) SDN BHD, Terms and Conditions of Sale PLEASE READ THESE TERMS AND CONDITIONS OF SALE ("SALE AGREEMENT") VERY CAREFULLY. THE CUSTOMER AGREES TO BE BOUND BY THIS SALE AGREEMENT AND ACCEPTS ITS TERMS AND CONDITIONS (UNLESS THE CUSTOMER HAS SIGNED A SEPARATE FORMAL PURCHASE AGREEMENT WITH KKI INSTRUMENTS (M) SDN BHD ("KKI INSTRUMENTS (M) SDN BHD"), IN WHICH CASE THE SEPARATE AGREEMENT SHALL GOVERN). Important Information About This Legal Contract This Sale Agreement is a legal contract between the Customer and KKI INSTRUMENTS (M) SDN BHD. The Customer accepts this Sale Agreement by making a purchase, placing an order, or otherwise shopping on the Site. (References to "you" or "your" shall relate to the Customer; references to "KKI INSTRUMENTS (M) SDN BHD" shall relate to KKI INSTRUMENTS (M) SDN BHD LLC, Inc. and its affiliates.) The terms and conditions of this Sale Agreement are subject to change without prior notice, except that the terms and conditions posted on the Site at the time the Customer initially places or modifies an order will govern the order in question. This Sale Agreement constitutes the entire agreement between the Customer and KKI...

Proof of payment by our current and past customers. The purpose of this page is to show you KKInstruments is an honest business who cares more about our reputations than simply taking payments from you.

  Penang Office:  1-12B-21, Suntech @Penang Cybercity, Lintang Mayang Pasir 3,11950 Bayan Lepas, Pg. Tel(Pg): +604-641 1381, HP: +6016-550 5065 Fax(Pg): +04-641 1106

We have been dealing with several companies with assets over 10 billions. Includes Petronas, IOI Group, KL-Kepong, YTL, Shell Global, Genting Group and many others.

This section contains warranty information.

Real stocks. Real shops. You will feel more confident after seeing the photos.