Moisture meters

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Interchangeable Digital Sensor Probes. Thermistor Sensor For Temperature Measurement, Fast Response Time Dual Display. Dew Point Measurement. PC Interface. 16,000 Records Data Logger. Auto Shut Off For Battery Saving. Extendable Cable. Tilt Stand. DSO stands for Defence Science Organization (one of the Top Government Research Lab For Weaponry andsupposedly the best brain) The legend for Center 318 : All products sold zero defects till today & traceable to NIST.

Specification:The TK100G Grain Moisture Meter is used for fast and accurate measurement of moisture in the process of allotmetn,acquisition,storage,machining of packed grains,Barley,Corn,Hay,Oats,Rapeseed,Rough Rice,Sorghum,Soybeans and Wheat. Display:4 digital LCD Measuring range :7%-30% Temperature:0-60 Humidity:5%-90% Resolusion:0.1 Accuracy: ± 0.5%n Operation: Electrical Resistance Method, Automatic temperature Compensation Power supply: 4x1.5 AAA size (UM-4) battery Dimensions:460mm×75mm×35mm Weight:203g (not including batteries) Grains:6 kinds

1.Introduction:Infrared Moisture Goniophotometer is a new type of high-speed infrared moisture test instrument and can be used to measure the moisture of any material. (Except the substances which generate dangerous chemical reaction through heating) The instrument is designed in accordance with the thermogravimetric principle. While the instrument measures the weight of samples, infrared heating units and water evaporation channels dries samples rapidly too. In the drying process, instrument measures continually and displays immediately the lost moisture (%) of the samples in the process. When the drying is completed, the finally measured moisture is locked. Press the display button, data such as the moisture value, the starting value of the weight, the initial value and measuring time can be observed. Compared with the traditional oven heating method, infrared heating can achieve maximum heating power in the shortest possible time because that the samples are dried rapidly in high temperature can greatly accelerate the measurement time. The instrument is applicable to all the fields which need rapid moisture measurement such as medicine, grain, tobacco, chemicals, tea, foods,...

Soil PH & Moisture Meter An excellent concept, the Soil Tester is a fast and simple method of obtaining accurate values of both soil pH and moisture levels. The metallic electrode is simply inserted into the soil and the moisture or pH level can be checked on the dial. No more messy chemicals.Takemura