Moisture meters

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The FD-800v2 Resolution 0.01% employs a dual temperature sensing method to achieve highly precise moisture measurements. In addition to the thermistor that measures the environment temperature within the drying chamber, it is mounted with a radiation thermometer that measures the sample temperature directly without contact.

1.Introduction:Infrared Moisture Goniophotometer is a new type of high-speed infrared moisture test instrument and can be used to measure the moisture of any material. (Except the substances which generate dangerous chemical reaction through heating) The instrument is designed in accordance with the thermogravimetric principle. While the instrument measures the weight of samples, infrared heating units and water evaporation channels dries samples rapidly too. In the drying process, instrument measures continually and displays immediately the lost moisture (%) of the samples in the process. When the drying is completed, the finally measured moisture is locked. Press the display button, data such as the moisture value, the starting value of the weight, the initial value and measuring time can be observed. Compared with the traditional oven heating method, infrared heating can achieve maximum heating power in the shortest possible time because that the samples are dried rapidly in high temperature can greatly accelerate the measurement time. The instrument is applicable to all the fields which need rapid moisture measurement such as medicine, grain, tobacco, chemicals, tea, foods,...

Features & Applications: This Lignomat non-invasive moisture meter, ligno scanner D is a favorite tool for cabinet makers and floor installers. You can quickly scan large numbers of boards, detect higher moisture levels and water pockets. A pinless meter is an indispensable tool when checking finished products or assessing moisture problems after water damage. Ideal for floor applications where pin meters would leave pin marks. Calibrated to give true wood moisture readings in percent and have built-in corrections for different species. Features: Measuring Depth: 3/4" deep Measuring Range for Wood: 5.4% -60% dependent upon species Species Corrections: 71 Settings Specific Gravity Settings: 0.3 – 1.0 Reference Scale for laminates and composite wood products

Includes data logger, water resistant enclosure, and EC-5 probe. (Software and interface cable kit required, not included)

The LF101A is a complete data logging system that accurately measures and records leaf wetness. Not only does it record the presence of water but also logs the amount of water on the sensor. The sensor responds to environments the same way a real leaf does and can also detect when ice is present. This low cost system comes complete with a data logger, weatherproof enclosure and leaf wetness sensor. The LF101A is ideal for plant disease forecasting, irrigation studies and monitoring frost cycles. It features a multiple start/stop function, ultra-high speed download capability, 1 million reading storage capacity, optional memory wrap, battery life indicator, optional password protection, programmable alarms and more. An IFC200 interface cable and software is required for use with the LF101A. The device can be started and stopped directly from a computer using the MadgeTech Software.

Soil PH & Moisture Meter An excellent concept, the Soil Tester is a fast and simple method of obtaining accurate values of both soil pH and moisture levels. The metallic electrode is simply inserted into the soil and the moisture or pH level can be checked on the dial. No more messy chemicals.Takemura