Airflow meters

In engineering, the airflow or air flow is a measurement of the amount of air per unit of time that flows through a particular device.[1][2]

The amount of air can be measured by its volume or by its mass. Typically it is measured by volume, but for some applications it is necessary to measure it by mass, as air is a gas and therefore its volume can vary with temperature.

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Multi-point and timed mean calculations Max-Min values make comparisons fast and easy "Hold" button freezes readings Display light Auto-Off function Includes: 0.6~40m/s

Volume flow calculation up to 99,990 m3/h Temperature measurement Ideal for measurements in ducts  

Direction of flow recognition Temperature, flow and volume flow measurement Multi-point and timed mean calculation Max/min values Hold button to freeze readings  

KKI TST0063 measures air speed and temperature. It is ideal for quick spot checks at air outlets on account of its integrated measurement with the 40mm vane. Timed mean calculation is possible. In addition to air speed and temperature.

KKI TST0064 is designed for the measurement of air flow velocity, temperature and humidity. This Germany own patented humidity sensor guarantees reliable measurement results. Thanks to the integrated measurement with the 40 mm vane  

This unit covers the range from 0 to 20 m/s and the temperature range from -20 to 70 °C. The compact TST0067 uses a heated wire NTC sensor to measure velocity and temperature for applications in the HVAC industry.

Fast Response Probe. Air Flow Volume. Instant / Avg / 2/3 Vmax Flow Measurement. Velocity m/s, ft/min, knots, km/hr, mph. Temperature & Humidity measurement.  

Fast Response Probe. Air Flow Volume Instant / Avg / 2/3 Vmax Flow Measurement. Velocity m/s, ft/min, knots, km/hr, mph. Data hold & Maximum / Minimum function. Manual data memory and read function (10 x 99 sets).