High Voltage Detectors

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FEATURES ● Measures positive polarity DC voltages up to 40kV.● Lightweight and rugged.● 2 available contact tips: round needle tip for normal use and a   special flat spring-type for CRT anode.● Are typically used to measure high voltages in TV sets, power   supplies and instruments in laboratories.    SPECIFICATIONS Input impedance 600 MΩ Attenuation ratio 40000 : 1 Accuracy DCV (0 ~ 20kV) ± 2% DCV (20kV ~ 40kV) ± 3% Max. working voltage DC 40kV Operating temperature 0°C ~ 40°C Storage temperature -10°C ~ 50°C Cable length 1 m  Weight Approx. 400g  Safety standards EN 61010-1 EN 61010-031 EN 61326-1                  

Category: Proving units

● Designed to proof:     -Phasing sticks.     -High voltage detectors (contact type only, not to be used with non contact proximity detectors.)     -High voltage and voltage testers.● Battery operated.● Led indicates when power is “ON”.● Small and hand-held.● Quick connection with normal 4mm test leads.

Category: Proving units

● Designed to proof.   AC voltage detectors   AC voltage testers● Compact, handheld, and easy to carry and use.● Battery operated.● LED indicates when power is "ON".● Normal 4mm test leads.