Dew point meters

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FA 410 - the ideal dew point sensor for monitoring membrane and adsorption dryers. Typical use in compressed air dryers/granulate dryers at very low dew points to -80°C. Special features Measuring range -80...20°Ctd Extremely long-term stable Analogue output 4...20 mA Condensation insensitive Quick response time Pressure-tight up to 350 bar (special version)

With the DP 500 CS Instruments has combined next generation measurement technology with state-of the art user interface design. The experienced user knows that dew point measurement also requires the measurement of line pressure, since dew point is pressure dependent. With the DP 500 the line pressure is measured in combination with the dew point, so the user can be confident that the calculation is accurate and free from human error. Unique features of the DP 500 / DP 520 Pro:1. Similar to modern smart phones, state of the art graphical user interface with touch screen functions for ease of operation.2. The option to use the DP 520 as a portable data collector. The data logger can record as many as 100 million values which are stored on a SD flash card. The     card can be removed for fast transfer of the recorded information to your PC, or alternatively the information can be transferred or read via USB or Bluetooth®.3. For DP 520 Pro: Using the portable printer MP 500 on-site print outs can be created showing the measured values, location and date/time. Of course these     values can be stored as well for report generation in your office.4. DP...