Personal Safety Voltage Detector

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● Compact, easy-to-wear and convenient to use.● Waterproof design, protection class : IP65.● Indoor and outdoor use.● Equipped with self-testing functions.● Sound and flashlight warning of different frequencies varied   positively with sensed voltages.● Able to sense all kinds of AC high voltage system.● Low power consumption.

● Warning Proximity of AC Voltage (240V~50kV).● Waterproof.● Easy-to-wear on body or belt.● Ultra high bright LED indication.● High pitch sound indication.● Test & diagnostic circuitry.● Friendly priority alert reporting.● Circuit test function.● High impact type casing.● Different alerting sound & light.● Can be adapted to Sunrise(stick).● Meets EN 61326-1● Dimension : 114(L) × 67(W) × 27(D) mm● Weight : Approx. 152g (battery included)● Power supply : 9V(6F22) × 1