Particle Discharge (PD) Tester

The PDSurveyor™ family has been designed to carry out Partial Discharge detection by all operational staff entering the substation or facility. 'Look-see' PD tests can be made quickly and easily to scan large numbers of cables and plant items for PD activity as a prelude to using diagnostic PD test and/or monitoring technology.

With the recent addition of 3x new handheld PD screening units to our standard PDSurveyor™ offering, HVPD can offer solutions for testing all types of MV plant in the voltage range from 3.3 kV to 45 kV, as follows:

  • PDSurveyor™- suitable for cables and switchgear
  • PDS Air™- suitable for indoor and outdoor switchyards
  • PDS Rogowski™- suitable for machines with permanently installed Rogowski Coil sensors
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