Measure: *Easy to use. Good Accuracy. 1 year warranty. For advanced model, see CHC102A.

CHC102B epidemic rapid temperature detection system
Infrared thermal imaging temperature \ Security \ quick \ temperature warning
Rapid detection of people traveling , do not have to stop
More than a few meters distance temperature measurement
Avoid close infection

Rapid detection of human body temperature passing through. Stopping is not necessary.

Continuous online monitoring functions :

1.    Instantly synchronized display of the thermal imager like the picture on the PC screen .

2.    When the thermal imager to detect more than a high temperature : with two different warning sound, you can set the body fever warning sound and warning sound outside fever over the body ( such as hot coffee and hot food ... etc) .

3.    Flashingred warning, digital temperature display characters , a warning sound from the PC speaker .

4.    Thermal imaging screen is automatically saved every minute as JPG files according to date for the file name .

The system includes a high-quality Japanese NEC F30S infrared body temperature thermal imaging analyzer

Small , lightweight and easy to carry can be fixed or portable mobile detection

Thermal imager features:

1.    Using a high -resolution 160x120 Uncooled VOx microbolometer sensor .

2.    High sensitivity 0.1 ° C.

3.    Host lightweight and easy to carry can be fixed or portable.

4.    Host with LCD screen , simple operation and can be used alone independently, weight 300g.

5.    Includes a temperature warning is displayed and set temperature range.

6.    Definable abnormal temperature and color temperature table styles.

7.    Includes the highest temperature automatically track display.

  1. Equipped with emissivity , distance, humidity and ambient temperature correction . ... And many other features .

CHC102B vaccination temperature rapid detection systems:

Includes :

I. Portable non-contact thermometer

1. The temperature detection range: 0 to 50 degrees C

2. Temperature Resolution: 0.1 ° C

3. Temperature Accuracy: +/- 2% or +/- 2 degrees C

4. Temperature sensor : 160 x 120 dot dot

5. Detection Angle : Horizontal 28 degrees , 21 degrees vertical

6. Temperature distance spatial resolution : can detect 0.31cm hotspot 1m distance.

7. Display screen : 2.7 " color LCD

8. Alert mode: Display screen display color ALARM, including high-temperature point tracking function shows the temperature

9. The high temperature color display : a body temperature can be set to black and white bands, when the high temperature will be displayed in red color

10. The archive format : Includes IR.JPG format of heat temperature data

11. Archive Media : SD Card

12. Video output : NTSC / PAL switchable at any time

13. Data transfer : USB2.0

14. Use the power : AC adaptor

15. Weight : <300g

16. Dimensions : 100 x 65 x 45mm

Two detection software in one set

1. The digital connection interface box VC205: USB2 interface

2. The immediate area is displayed the first non-contact thermometer the temperature of the screen containing the maximum temperature value.

3. Screen update rate : 29 times per second or more

4. When the temperature alarm condition occurs, an alarm can be synchronized PC speaker sound .

5. When the temperature alarm condition occurs, the PC screen is displayed by the red warning flashes.

6. When the temperature alarm condition occurs, immediately in accordance with the time to record your records.

Three attachments:

(1) SD card 1GB one .

(2) AC power transformer one .

(3 ) (optional) tripod.

Note: The customer-supplied PC.



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