Category: Seed Counter
  • Introduce:
    Automatic seed counter, grain counter, nut counter
    Automatic seed counter for the determination of the weight per thousand kernels of seeds and for the preparation
    of samples for germination and cultivation tests.
    for any grain sizes from 0.7 to 12 mm.

    1. high counting speed
    2. precise count
    3. easy to use
    4. quiet operation
    5. adjustable size and speed
    6. low noise operation

        The feed container is held in place by an electromagnet and vibration induced during counting. The material to
    be counted reaches the outlet and falls into the receptacle through a photoelectronic counter.

        The Counter selects its counting speed automatically dependent on the size of the material to be counted.
    This guarantees optimum use of the counting capacity and reduces counting time to a minimum whilst maintaining count accuracy. Shortly before counting is completed the counter reduces its counting speed so that no more
    seeds are counted than have been preset. Counting speed may also be manually adjusted. The instrument can recognize when the receptacle or the feed container is absent, stops counting and reports the fact on the display
    so that no operating faults occur. Particles which are significantly smaller in size are not counted. Thus,
    for example, rape seeds in a sample of peas drop into the receptacle without being counted. By manually adjusting the seed size it is possible to control the counting of particles.
        The display shows in automatic mode the preset quantity and the count so far. In manual mode it also shows
    the counting speed selected and the seed size. The keyboard is used to select various modes of operation,
    such as summation counting and differential counting.

  • Specification:
    1.LED display
    2.counting range: 1~99999
    3.Both for big and small seed
      size of small sample: 1.0~1.0mm x 1.0~4.0mm
      size of big sample: 2.5~2.5mm x 4.0~10mm
    4.counting speed: 1000pcs/3min
    5.precision of small sample: ±4pcs/1000pcs
    6.precision of big sample: ±2pcs/1000pcs
    7.continuous working time: 5h
    8.power supply: 220V AC, 50Hz

  • Packing:

    1.mainframe *1
    2.big plate *1
    3.small sample plate*1
    4.power line *1
    6.12v,0.04 alight bulb*1
    7.Ψ5*20,fuse *2
    8.English Instruction


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