CIA009 AIRFORCE 200x USB Digital Microscope w/ Measurement Functions

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The Microscopic world is brought alive by the DVMC-500  - an  amazing, easy to use high  resolution USB handheld  powered  digital microscope with up to 200x magnification.  DMVC-500 features functions such as additional Cross Line, Scale, Timer, Measurement in length, area, diameter, angle as well as USB2.0 high speed access, high resolution up to 1.30M pixel excellent images & videos, independently developed display software for Snapshot, Video Record,  Measure  at a frame rate of up to 30fps using high speed USB  image transmission (PC), option to view the picture clearly in full screen, 10x to 200x continuous magnification power. It  has the capability to capture sharp & vivid quality picture & video with its capture resolution of 1280x1024dpi.  It enables you to easily share your discoveries  in BMP, JPEG and AVI format. It also feature the different types of measurement tools such as Line,  Continuous Line,  Rectangle,  Polygon, Radius Circle, Diameter Circle,  Three Points Circle, Angle and Four Points  Angle. You can add text and draw Line, Continuous  Line, Angle, Rectangle, Circle into the captures images. DMVC-500 comes with FREE tripod, cradle holder, 60x  & 200x  long  transparet cover,  80x  & 150x  short  transparent cover, a bracker with screw hole and Software CD installer.
DMVC-500 measure, conserve, copy, and transfer image and video which are difficult for a traditional microscope. Allow detailed analysis and documentation of captured data that can be viewed & stored directly to a computer. Linking directly to your PC or laptop and its own LED illumination you can see the world with an incredible level of detail, high resolution and magnified  microscopic world at your fingertips! You are then able to explore your curiosity with the live  image on your PC, and capture both still images and movie clips at the click of your mouse or the touch  of a button. You can edit pictures in your local disc or images captured by this USB digital microscope and  even print them.
Just plug the DMVC-500 into your computer and you have an amazing microscope! Use your imagination to see the microscopic world in fantastic detail!

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  • You can add text and draw “a line or continuous  line, angle, rectangle, and circle into the image
  • Independently  developed display software: Snapshot, Video record,  Measure etc
  • Provides measurements for length, area, diameter, angle   such as Line, Continuous Line, Rectangle, Polygon,  Radius Circle, Diameter Circle, Three Points Circle,  Angle and Four Points Angle
  • With 2m USB 2.0 high speed access
  • High resolution up to 1.30M Pixel excellent images and frame rate of 1-30
  • Provides  amazing high-quality vivid  image with its 10x to 200x continuous magnification  power
  • Equipped with full digital VIDEO capturing capabilities in which you can save from 11280x1024, 640x480 to 320x240 resolution range and AVI format
  • Save  photo in JPEG format or BMP format
  • With  built-in 8 white LEDs Illumination that can be turned OFF and adjust the brightness  using the LED light adjustment wheel. Long distance  shots is not advisable when using the device as it  is not available
  • For  ease of use we provide a bracket with a screw hole, a tripod, a cradle holder and long  & short transparent covers with 60x and 200x & 80x and 150x respectively for  ease of use
  • Adjustable magnification level and Focus
  • Easy-to-use and convenient, it allows for virtually 360° of viewing perspective
  • Option to view the picture clearly in full screen
  • Two ways to capture, via the microscope itself or from the computer screen
  • User-friendly and comes with easy installation procedure. It so simple that it can be installed in a minute or use it right away to capture still image
  • Has a compact design for ease of carrying and transporting
  • Ideal for a wide variety of practical applications in the classroom, workplace and even the home

Applications:  The  USB digital microscope is an exciting new device that  let's you view clear many micro-objects with it, and  has a wide scope of applications, such as:

  • Industrial Inspection
  • Computer Parts inspection
  • Telecom module inspection
  • Scientific teaching tool
  • Medical analysis
  • School Research tool
  • Insect dissection / examination
  • Plant dissection / examination
  • Skin examination
  • Textile  Inspection
  • Collections / Coin / Jewelry Inspection
  • Printing Inspection
  • And more...

Product Specifications:

  • Operation system: Windows XP SP2 / Vista / Windows 7
  • PC interface: USB 2. 0
  • Image Sensor: 1. 3 Mega pixels
  • Transmission distance:=5m
  • Transmission Power consumption: 10mW
  • 4 channel option
  • Image Sensor: 1. 3 Mega pixels
  • Video Capture Resolution 1280x1024, 640x480, 320x240
  • Color: YUV or 24bit RGB
  • Lens: Dual Axis 27X & 100X Microscope Lens
  • Focus Range Manual Focus From 8mm to 200mm
  • Magnification Ratio 10X to 200X
  • White Balance: Auto
  • Exposure: Auto
  • Light Source: 8 adjustable LED White Light
  • Power supply: 5V DV from USB Port
  • Size: 120mm (L) X36mm (R)
  • Li-ON Battery: Full charge time is about 3 hours, continuous  working time is about 5 hours
  • Computer Minimum System Requirement: 
    • OS:  Windows XP SP2 / Vista / Windows 7
    • CPU: Pentium IV 1.0G, Celeron, AMD Athlon 
    • CD-ROM  drive
    • Available USB port (if it is USB1.1, please use MiViewCap-Beta.exe  application inside CD)
    • 256MB RAM
    • 100MB available hard disk space
    • Graphic card: 16-bit 

Accessories included:

  • CD ROM (Software) and Quick manual
  • Cradle Stand or Holding Ring
  • 2pcs Transparent Covers (long cover—60X and 200X;  short Cover—80X and 150X)
  • Bracket with Screw Hole

Warranty:  2  years warranty

All our products are manufactured under the strict quality control guidelines established by EN ISO9001-2000 Standards


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