Sew 2801 IN

● Microprocessor-controlled with advanced safety features.
● Three test voltages : 250 / 500 / 1000V.
● Displays and sound warning if external voltage present.
● Ener-Save™ feature to extend battery life.
● Continuous battery monitoring.
● Auto ranging / auto-null / auto-off.
● Insulation tested at 1mA.
● Built-in carry case, test leads in separate pouch.
● Real-time barg-raph display of test voltage and voltage decay during
● Audible and visual message displayed if external voltage is present.
● Large LCD.
● Display can be customized for special orders.
● Continuity buzzer.
● Show test time duration (up to 99.9s) for easy comparison.
● BS 16 edition.
Insulation Resistance    
Test voltage (DC V) 250V     /     500V     /   1000V
Measuring ranges
(Auto ranging)
0-1000MΩ / 0-2000MΩ / 0-3000MΩ
Accuracy ±3%rdg
Output current 1mA DC min at 0.25MΩ(250V)
1mA DC min at 0.5MΩ(500V)
1mA DC min at 1MΩ(1000V)
Low-resistance 0-500Ω
Resolution 0.001Ω
SC current 220mA
Accuracy ±1.0% rdg
Dimensions 170(L) × 120(W) × 95(D)mm
(battery included)
Approx. 850g
Power source 1.5V (AA) × 8 
Safety standard EN 61010-1
EN 61326-1


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