Humidity / Temperature Meter

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Dual LCD display. Dew Point Reading. Wet bulb Reading. MAX/MIN with Time Stamp. Data Hold function. ℃ & ℉ Switchable. DATA memory and read function (99 readings from LCD display) Auto Power Off.

Laboratory Quality Control Air-Conditioning Process Engineering

Instant preformance of Humidity measurement by precision thin-film capacity sensor Dual display LCD / Clock Compact, light weight & Simple operation 7000 Record Data logging Capacity (Dual Reading) RS-232 interface (software included)

Triple LCD Display for RH% Humidity, T1 for Air Temperature and T2 Type K Thermometer (-200 ℃ ~ 1333 ℃ ). Dew Point Reading. Max / Min / Data Hold. Real Time Stamp. Periodically Print out from Pre-Set time Interval.

Data Hold & Relative function Dual LCD display with Bargraph indication Continues Recorder 15000 data sets(TES-1365) Dew Point Reading USB interface & windows software(TES-1365) Wet bulb Reading Automatic Timer Recording for Datalogger(TES-1365) MAX/MIN with Time Stamp