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Leakage Clamp meters

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Category: Clamp meters

Our leakage clamp has a very good resolution of 10uA. It is very useful for power system check and installation. With the measuring range up to 100A, it is also proper for indoor installation as a normal clamp meter so that the technician only have to bring one tester. Features: 4 Digital Display. 10uA Resolution. Autoranging. Auto Power Off. Max Hold Function. Data Hold Function. Auto Zero.

Category: Clamp meters

DISPLAY: - 3¾ digits LCD with maximum reading 4000. - Overload indication. - Low battery indication. FUNCTIONS: - Peak Hold. - Leakage Current Test. - Test ranges: ACV (600V), ACA (100A) , Ohm, Continuity. - Continuity test below 100Ohm will have buzzer sound. - Alternative for supply frequency. - With LPF (Low Pass Filter) function, 50/60Hz and wide frequency function (40~1KHz).- Maximum conductor size : 30mm.- Dimension : 250mm x 85mm x 35mm.