Proof of Purchases

Proof of purchase

Proof of payment by our current and past customers. The purpose of this page is to show you KKInstruments is an honest business who cares more about fulfilling our promise than simply taking payments from you.

From time to time, many clients come to ask us 'what if we send the money and did not receive the goods?'.

Ans: This will never happen when you deal with us because we totally do not have any intention at all to do this kind of non-sense by just taking others' money and not deliver the promise. I,the CEO of KKInstruments, can assure you this will not happen when you do business with KKInstruments previously, now and surely will not in the near or far future.

Here you can see some of the cheques paid by our customers, mostly before we sent their goods. We even have customers paid up to RM100,000 in a single advanced payment before.

Trust us. Trust KKInstruments.



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