Combo Test Kits

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Wide temperature range from -30° to 650°C (–20° to 1202°F) 12:1 distance-to-spot ratio ±1% Accuracy of the reading. Dual lasers to accurately identify spot size Rugged performance Survives 9.8 foot/3 meter drops to wood floors Water and dust resistance IP54 rated to withstand rain, splashing liquids, dust and dirt Small and easy to use Ergonomic fit to "feel" good in your hand Multi-angle Backlit display

Built in thermometer for HVAC applications Microamps to test flame sensors LoZ: helps prevent false readings due to ghost voltage Large white LED backlight to work in poorly lit areas Resistance, continuity, frequency and capacitance Min/Max/Average with elapsed time to record signal fluctuations Compact ergonomic design for one-handed operation Compatible with optional magnetic hanger (ToolPak™) CAT III 600 V safety rated

Includes two padded pockets for protection of two test tools, such as a digital multimeter and 60 Series IR thermometer and a pouch for test leads and other accessories. Durable polyester 600D case construction for long life. Compatible with Fluke 20, 70, 11X, 170 Series digital multimeters and other similar format test tools. One-year warranty.

Adapts Type-K thermocouple mini-connector to dual banana plug inputs Measurement range and accuracy: probe dependent Suitable for low voltage applications (below 30 V AC, 60 V DC) One year warranty

Type-K thermocouple with standard shrouded banana jack Convenient one piece construction Compatible with DMMs with temperature measurement functions Measurement range:-40 to 260ºC One year warranty

Kit includes: 9 inch hook and loop strap, universal hanger clip, hook hanger for non magnetic surfaces and a strong magnet.  Solves almost any hanging and positioning problem you may face. The universal hanger allows you to hang your meter on nails, hooks and many other objects. Compatible with many Fluke instruments. One year warranty.

Designed for hands free measurement of HVAC temperature measuring applications Use multiple and leave in place for route based routine maintenance Use with any temperature-measuring instrument designed to accept Type-K thermocouples

Fluke 117 Digital Multimeter. VoltAlert™ technology for non-contact voltage detection. AutoVolt automatic ac/dc voltage selection. Low input impedance: Helps prevent false readings due to ghost voltage. Large white LED backlight to work in poorly lit areas. True-rms for accurate measurements on non-linear loads. Measures 10 A (20 A overload for 30-seconds). Resistance, continuity, frequency and capacitance. Min/Max/Average to record signal fluctuations. Compact ergonomic design for one-handed operation. CAT III 600 V safety rated. Fluke 323 True-rms Clamp Meter. Rugged. Reliable. Precise. 400 A ac current measurement. 600 V ac and dc voltage measurement. True-rms ac voltage and current for accurate measurements on non-linear signals. Resistance measurement up to 40 kΩ with continuity detection. Slim, ergonomic design. CAT IV 300V/CAT III 600 V safety rating.