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Measures resistance, diode voltage drop, continuity, and capacitance Records two selectable parameters for up to 16 days Supports temperature accessories with direct readout in degrees 10 measurement memories for saving screens 500 A ac current clamp and voltage probes with four sets of probe tips User's Manual, applications manual and power quality video to help answer questions 3 year warranty on the Fluke 43B, 1 year on accessories

Fast and easy recording of voltage trends, dropouts, and power quality Plugs directly into the mains power socket and record Continuous recording of all values with no gaps Clear graphical summary of data and quick overview of key power quality parameters Min, Max, Average RMS values (1/4 cycle) with time stamps Actual transient display (>100 µs) with time stamp Flicker according to EN 61000-4-15, indi-vidual harmonic and THD values with trends Statistical analysis of voltage event; reduces analysis time by tracking event quantities and magnitudes Includes PowerLog software package for quick download, analysis, and automatic reporting.

Touchscreen Display for easy control Key measurements: Voltage Current Power Power factor and associated values enable energy saving strategies to be implemented Bright, color touch screen: perform convenient in-the-field analysis and data checks with full graphical display Comprehensive logging: all measured values are automatically logged and can be reviewed during logging and before downloading for on-the-go analysis. More than 20 separate logging sessions can be stored on the instrument Optimized user interface: Quick, guided, graphical setup ensures you’re capturing the right data every time, and the intelligent verification function indicates correct connections have been made, reducing user uncertainty Complete ‘in-the-field’ setup through the front panel: no need to return to the workshop for download and setup or to take a computer to the electrical panel. Wide range power Two USB ports: One for PC connection and another for fast, simple download to standard USB thumb drives, or other USB devices Compact size: Designed to fit in tight spaces and panels 600 V CAT IV/1000 V CAT III rate Users: General Facilities Staff Facilities...

Plug and play: Setup in minutes with automatic current probe detection and powering Installs inside the cabinet: Compact, fully-insulated housing and accessories fit easily in tight spaces next to live power Determines the root cause: Included PQ Log software quickly analyzes trends, creates statistical summaries, and generates detailed graphs and tables Monitors power for the long-term: Data can be downloaded during recording without interruption Measure voltage with premium accuracy: IEC61000-4-30 Class-A compliant voltage accuracy (0.1%) Quickly validate quality of power: Assess power quality according to EN50160 power quality standard with statistical overview Rugged and reliable: Designed for everyday field use with no moving parts and durable insulated case with two year warranty

Premium accuracy and measurement techniques: Guaranteed for all power quality parameters, with IEC 61000-4-30 Class A measurement systems Quick and reliable configuration: PDA wireless "front panel interface" provides a window into what the instrument is recording, enabling quick and reliable configuration even in awkward test locations Threshold-free set up: Apply thresholds after data is collected with Fluke Power Analyze Software Captures everything: Cross-channel and current triggering capture every measurement, on every channel, every time Intuitive PC software: Easily analyze data and generate reports Plug and play: Set up in minutes with self-identifying current probes and single-lead voltage connections No need to reconnect wires: Swap channels internally with the wireless PDA or PC when connections are not correct Measure every parameter: Voltage and current on three phases, neutral, and ground 5 MHz, 8000 Vpk waveform capture: Get a detailed picture of even the shortest events Quickly retrieve data: With included SD memory card or via the 100BaseT high-speed Ethernet connection

Fully Class-A compliant: Conduct tests according to the stringent international IEC 61000-4-30 Class-A standard GPS time synchronization: Correlate data with events or datasets from other instruments with precision Flexible and fully configurable thresholds and scale factors: Allows user to pinpoint specific issues by defining the detailed criteria for detection and recording of disturbances. Uninterrupted power supply (40 minutes): Never miss important events - even record the beginning and end of interruptions and outages to help determine the cause 10 MHz, 6000 Vpk waveform capture: Get a detailed picture of even the shortest event 2 GB data memory: Enables detailed, simultaneous recording of numerous power parameters for long periods of time Comprehensive software included: Provides trend diagrams for root cause analysis, statistical summaries, report writing and real-time data monitoring in the online mode Plug and play: Allows quick setup with automatic sensor detection; sensors are instrument powered, eliminating the need for batteries Rugged field design: Insulated housing and a solid state design with no rotating components enable reliable testing under nearly...