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Testo 5400 6554 54-3DC Digital Display, 24 VDC Voltage

Category: Displays

The process displays Testo 54 fit optimally into the front of a switch cabinet or into a wall housing (accessory). In Testo 54-3 a removable terminal strip is integrated for convenient cable connection. Depending on the type (cf. table Chapter 1.2), the process displays Testo 54 can be used for switching, as displays, for networking, alarming, MIN./MAX. storage, totaliser function, for supplying measurement transmitters with an auxiliary energy output (24 VDC), as well as for online monitoring. Resistance thermometers (Pt100 and others), as well as thermocouples (Type K, J, T, S and others) can be directly connected. Further types serve to display analog signals (4 to 20 mA or 0 to 10 VDC and others). The input type is simply selected in the easy-to-follow menu, and the value is immediately shown in the clearly legible display. Optimum illumination even in dark surroundings (engine rooms etc.). Auxiliary energy output 24 VDC: no need for additional supply unit for transmitter. Data saved for 10 years (EEPROM): scaling limits, input type and other parameters stored securely. P 65 from front. Key locking possible. Very easy installation. The Testo 54-7 contains a totalizer (adds up the analog input values e.g. for flow meas.). RS485 networking of all industrial probes and transmitters possible: online logging and documentation with ComSoft software.


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