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The Model C510D Digital Readout Torque Tester provides a digital readout up to 100 inch-pounds on an LCD screen which can be upgraded to link the meter with a statistical program in a computer (Model C510DCI). This torque tester operates from a 120 VAC power source or from a 9 VDC alkaline battery. It measures both applied and removal torque and displays the reading on a large three digit LED display. The readings, accurate to tenths of an inch-pounds, remain on the display for 30 seconds. When battery powered or accompanied by the AC adapter, this rugged torque measuring device can be moved from one work area to another. Covers the entire testing range of cap sizes operating from 0-100 inch lbs. for both removal and application. Reads in 0.1 inch lb. increments and the reading is visible on the tester as well as on the computer screen or printout. Accuracy of ±2% of full scale or reading. Holds the peak reading for approximately 30 seconds so that readings can be recorded manually. Operates on 110 V using a step-down transformer with 9V output or a 9V alkaline battery. It is *RS232 capabl*e. Link to your computer or printer by a serial cable. Model NumberTorque...