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Lutron Electronic Enterprise Co., Ltd. was established in 1976 and has been the Taiwan's leading...
Certified by the well-known vehicle brands Audi, Skoda, VOLVO and Volkswagen, Mitcorp embodies a...
Yokogawa’s Portable and Handheld Instruments offer a broad range of portable test equipment to...
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Our new pocket sized digital multimeter. Accuracy 0.7% at DC voltage and 4300 count large digital display with variety of measuring functions.


The MC100 Series is well-suited for calibration and maintenance of pressure instrumentation. Various pressure instruments such as pressure sensors, industrial transmitters, and pressure switches, as well as sphygmomanometers and other medical devices face severe price competition and demands for improved accuracy.

Connected to the 700929, 701947Maximum input voltage: 1,000V (DC + ACpeak)Length: 0.26m/0.3m/0.4mApplicable for DL750/DL750P, SL1000, SL1400

The PBL5000 low-capacitance "transmission line" probe (passive) features both 10:1 and 20:1 attenuation.This probe requires a 50 Ω scope/termination and can be used with any oscillscope with a BNC input. The change in attenuation is realized by changing resistance on the tip of the probe; Can also be used with DC Block 701975. For use with a scope which does not have a built-in 50 Ω termination, please purchase a 700976 50 Ω external (BNC) pass-thru terminator.


100 kΩ input resistance, toggle frequency of 250 MHz


1 MΩ input resistance, toggle frequency of 100 MHz

Use this 10:1 active probe with the DL6154, DL9240 series to realize system measurements up to 1.5 GHz BW.

Use this 10:1 active probe with the DL6104, DLM6104, DL9140/DL9140L , DL9510L/DL9710L, SB5000 series to realize system measurements up to 1.0 GHz BW.