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Stemming from the design and manufacture demands of electronic industries, GW Instek offers diverse...
In addition to provid complete electronic test and measurement instruments, GW Instek...
The GW Instek Basic Test & Measurement instruments can be divided into 4 groups: Digital...
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Features: ※ 6 1/2 Digit Display:1,200,000 counts※ DCV Basic Accuracy:0.0035%※ Dual Measurements to perform two selected measurements simultaneously※ Bright Vacuum Fluorescent Display (VFD)※ 11 Measurement Functions & 10 Math Functions※ High Resolution: Up to 100pA with DCI and 1nA with ACI Measurements※ Temperature Measurement (RTD & Thermocouple) from -200°C ~ +1820°C ※ High Transmission Speed: Up to 2,400 readings/sec through the USB※ Standard Interfaces:USB, RS232C, Digital I/O※ Optional Interfaces:GPIB or LAN※ Optional Scanner Card:GDM-SC1 (V ch x16, I ch x2)※ Free PC software:DMM Viewer , LabVIEW Driver

Features: ※ Easy-Operating Tester, Particularly be Designed for the Digital IC ※ Supported Device:74/40/45/41/44 Serial ※ Small, Portable, Light and Power-Saving, Usable With Battery ※ Average Search Time: 0.8 Second ※ Display: 16 Characters in 1 Line LCD ※ Test Pins: 14~24 Pins

Features: ※ 200VA AC Test Capacity ※ AC/DC Withstanding Voltage Test & Insulation Resistance Test & Ground Bond Test ※ True RMS Cut-Off Current Measurement※ Arc Detection ※ Zero Crossing Turn-On Operation Switch※ Linear Amplifier with Feedback Control to Provide High Regulated Voltage Output※ Controllable Ramp-Up Time ※ Output Voltage and Current Limit Could be set Without HV Output ※ Output Voltage Adjustable During Test Period※ 9 pins Remote Control for Start, Reset and Test Result Output※ Automatic FAIL Indicator of Alarm Lamp and Buzzer ※ Scanner Box for Automatic Test (Option) ※ 42A Ground Bond Test (GPI-745A only)※ Interface : RS-232C(Standard), GPIB(Option)

Features: ※ Loop Test ※ Auto-Search ※ Seif-Diagnosis ※ Over-Load Protection ※ Measures 1800 Kinds of Device ※ 54/74 Series TTL ※ 4000 and 4500 Series CMOS ※ Test Socket: 28 Pin

Features: * Frequency Range: 9kHz ~2.7GHz * Input Range: -100dBm ~ +20dBm * Average Noise Floor: -100dBm * Power Measurements: ACPR/OCBW/CH Power * 10 Markers: Delta Mode, Peak Search, Peak Track * Limit Line: Upper/Lower Limit with Pass/Fail Test * TG: 9kHz ~ 2.7GHz, -50dBm ~ 0dBm (Option) * EMI Filters (Option) * AC/DC/Battery(Option),Three modes of power supply

Features: * 150/100/60MHz Bandwidths* 1GSa/s Real-Time Sample Rates Maximum, 25GSa/s Equivalent-Time* 2Mega Point Record Length* 2mV~10V Vertical Scale* 1ns~50s Horizontal Range* Up to 27 Automatic Measurements* 5.6" TFT LCD Display* USB Interface & SD Card Supported* Multi-Language Support on Operation Menu & On-Screen Help

Features: ※ Test Frequency 20Hz ~ 1 MHz ※ Large LCD Display※ 6 digit Measurement Resolution ※ 0.1% Basic Measurement Accuracy※ Multiple Step Mode※ DC Resistance Measurement ※ Comprehensive Measurement Functions ※ Monitoring of DUT Voltage and Current ※ Pass/Fail Test※ Standard Interface : RS-232 & GPIB ※ Optional : Graph Mode