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Plug into multimeters, oscilloscopes, or power analyzers to measure AC current, up to 3000 A ac. Center 25 is also ideal for commercial or residential users who have standard clamp meters, but need to reach hard-to-clamp-on places, or occasionally measure AC current higher than 400 or 600 A.  Center 25 simply eases your work.

Category: Thermocouple

This series of thermocouple thermometers are micro controller based testers. With very intuitive interface, the user can fully operate the tester without second thought. They are digitally calibrated for long time stability. The whole series are equipped with PC interface for advance applications.

Category: Recorders

CENTER 340 is a temperature dataloggers. Even though these units are focused on data collecting, we placed a LCD to show the operator on site information. In case of dark environment, it is also equipped with backlit display. Both units feature a real time clock inside so that the event are captured with time stamps. The recording memory can hold up to 64000 records which can provide high resolution test results.   With waterproof hosing, the temperature datalogger 340 has a lot of applications such as environmental monitoring, food transportation process monitoring, or air condition monitoring, etc. The data is downloaded through IR photo interface so the connector is not damaged by water.

Category: Sound_Meters

Our standard sound level meter CENTER 320 has a wide dynamic range from 30 to 130 dB. It has different frequency weighting A and C to respond to human sense or machine monitoring purposes. For different sound pattern, it also supplies Fast and Slow time constant setting. Analog output is also provided for other use.

Features:  Measurement range: -50 to 200°C; -58 to 392°F Tolerances: ±2.2°C (±3.9°F)

Category: Clamp_Meters

We optimized the cost to sell for less but never wanted to sacrifice any performance. The new CENTER 20 is built on quality. It is robust and reliable. The basic clamp meter functions with AC current measurement are more than proficient for most of general electricians or equipment installers in the field. Also, it’s rated 600V CAT III, it is safe to use.

Category: RTD

For temperature measuring where water is splashing around or room temperature changes all the time, CENTER 370 will provide a perfect solution for this kind of application. Its water resistant housing provides better protection under harsh environment. The RTD sensor needs less compensation than normal thermocouple units. This makes it perfect for kitchen or food process application.

Category: Printers

CENTER 500 is a temperature graphic recorder with built in printer. The printer can output text format so that the users can get the exact reading, or it can output graphic format to give the whole changing tendency in one image. The sample period and the graphic scale are programmable so the users can get the exact result as expected. Besides the printer function, this unit is also a datalogger. The recorded data can be logged to a computer for further analysis.