This is designed to be compact and fit your hands.
With latest technology installed, works could be done quick and accurate.

HANS Family all installed our latest measuring engine - SX1OV2, Extra solid and hard structure design
makes SX1OV2 even stronger. New shutter system provide a 150% faster measuring and 125% accurate.
We also achieve a great affection in power consumption, now you could measure for 20% times more now!!
Push the button and feel the new power now, Enjoy what you have and the moment with HANS.


CA770 has three different reference could select during measuring,Front, rear and extended spike,
especially in corner and narrow places, A spike could make your measure more accurate and professional.
With it's handy design, all your works will become as easy as you never thought.


All CA770 equipped with bright and clear backlight to make you worry Free when measuring in dark places,
Wanna read without pain in dark and smoky places? you could turn on the light within your single press.


Moving forward, running backward, throw your tapes away, turn on your Dyna Measuring,
keep your measures continuously. With SX1OV2, a totally new experience of continuously measuring,
fast response, easy seeking without delays. Easily get what you need and try HANS today.


You could get area and space by embedded apps. Follow instruction on screen and get some measures,
than you will get the result immediately. Try today and you will know how simple it will be.


Thanks to Pythagorean, we could get height without too much trouble. CA770 has three different indirect
measuring way, they are single right triangle for height, two height summary and different of two.
Press the button and follow instruction on screen, let's enjoy the wisdom from the past. and
CA770 will help to calculate when you need it.



When measure in narrow or place hard to reach, you could have count down measure
to create a suitable time period to make it. Select from 3~15 seconds to measure,
than wait til it finish counting down, you will find the distance on screen without too much pain.



CA770 has 20 memories inside, which could record your last 20 measures, included length,
width during measuring area, or all the length during doing indirect measuring.
So it is easy for you to find it back by a single button, you could find what you need soon!!


With Stake out, you could divide a length into several pieces with out too much measures or think.
Set up the length for your desired length (stake) than start continuously measurement.
You will find all the stakes will be displayed on the screen with arrows to instruct your direction.
It's work with us and so do you too.


CA770 has all the units people get used to use have, he could display Metric, Feet (Foot), Inch,
Feet and Inch with fraction or decimal and 尺 in Asia world.
All you need to do is to switch to the unit you want, you will read what you used to read, your life will
become digital but remain stable as you were.
It's HANS, we hope you like and feel the new benchmarking of measuring!!.


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