GAS DNA CO Detector CD-10 CO gas detection & alarm unit specialized for underground parking area

Category: Gas Detector

CD-10, the artificial intelligent CO gas alarm unit specialized for underground parking area, using electro-chemical sensor, detects CO gas density and provides the measured density signal to both 2 step relay output and standard current signal output (DC 4-20mA) to be connected to various external devices to carry out underground parking area atmosphere environmental monitoring.

[ Features ]

Built-in micro processor digital CO gas alarm unit
Realize various artificial intelligent functions.
- User programmable fan relay and alarm relay density
- User programmable fan relay and alarm relay delay time.
- User programmable scale range.
- Automatic zero calibration
Various signal output
- 2 step relay output, DC 4-20mA / full scale
Robust metal housing
On site indicating FND display
Type Independent transmitter
Sensor type Electron-chemical
Detection principle Diffusion
Density display F.N.D (3-Digit/PPM)
Detection range 0-500PPM (default :250PPM)
Accuracy ≤2% /full scale
Response time within 20 seconds, 90%/full scale
Alarm density Default : LOW(FAN)-50PPM,
Alarm delay time Default : 5seconds
External output HIGH(alarm) / LOW(fan) relay,
4-20mA/ full scale
Input power 20~30V AC/DC, 60Hz
Housing material Metal case
Operation temperature -20℃~50℃
Operation humidity 0~95%RH (non-condensing)
Initialization time 1 minute



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