Center CENTER 26 - Flexible Current Meter

Category: Flexible_Clamp

The new flexible current probes make your measurement possible where the space is too tight or difficult for clamp meters. Center 26 is composed of a 8.5mm, double-insulated flexible sensor and a True-RMS electronic module with back-lit LCD for accurate and clear reading in all environments. Measurement range from 1 to 3000 A ac, available in 10" and 18" length probe.


  • Measurement ranges: 30A/300A/3000A AC
  • Available for 10" and 18" diameters length probe
  • Double insulation coil
  • Output resolution up to 0.01A
  • True RMS 
  • 600V CATIV


    Measurement: AC: 30A/300A/3000A
    Resolution: 0.01A/0.1A/1A
    Accuracy: 3%+5
    Battery: 1.5V AAA x 2
    Dimensions (main unit): 120 x 70 x 26mm 
    Probe cable length: 254mm (10") or 458mm (18")
    Probe cable diameter: 8.5mm (nominal)
    Cable length (cable to box): 1.8m (6ft)
    Weight: 286g
    *The specifications are subjects to change without prior notice.

    Standard Accessories:

    Battery, instruction manual



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