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Appliance and Socket Tester THE PRIMETEST 100, POWERFUL APPLIANCE AND SOCKET TESTING AT THE PUSH OF A BUTTON With a free PAT Training DVD whilst stocks last. Includes full length demonstrations, an online exam and personalised certificate. Seaward Part No: 344A910

Advanced PAT Software PREMIER PAT SOFTWARE PACKAGE THAT IS IDEAL FOR COMPANIES THAT PAT TEST ON A REGULAR BASIS This PAT software program provides you with quick and easy, complete management of the PAT testing process. Seaward Part No: 352A910

Entry Level PAT Software AN ENTRY LEVEL SOFTWARE PACKAGE FACILITATING THE QUICK AND EFFECTIVE DOWNLOADING OF TEST INFORMATION AND CERTIFICATE PRINTING This software is compatible with the Seaward PrimeTest 350, Supernova Elite and Europa Plus PAT testers. Seaward Part No: 352A930

Manual Entry PAT Software ENABLES A FORMAL LOG OF PORTABLE APPLIANCE TEST RESULTS TO BE STORED AND CALLED UPON AS REQUIRED This easy-to-use program is surprisingly clever for an entry level program, boasting several useful features which really improve its usability. Seaward Part No: 387A910

Manual PAT Tester FEATURES A ONE BUTTON TEST PROCESS FOR CLASS 1, CLASS 11 & LEADS, WITH OPTIONAL BUTTONS FOR LEAKAGE, RCDs & 3 PHASE The range of tests incorporated in this highly versatile instrument means that most workplaces appliances can be tested using long life battery power. Seaward Part No: 382A910

Comprehensive dual voltage PAT tester SUPERNOVA ELITE - A COMPREHENSIVE, DUAL VOLTAGE PAT WITH FLASH TEST As well as flash and RCD trip time tests, the Supernova Elite also has full dual voltage capability. Seaward Part No: 283A936

PAT Course DVD AN ESSENTIAL TRAINING COURSE ON THE FUNDAMENTALS OF PORTABLE APPLIANCE TESTING A detailed course covering the fundamentals of PAT testing. Includes full length demonstrations, an online exam and personalised certificate.  

PAT Tester & Risk Assessment Tool The Apollo 600 Professional Kit provides all you need for super-efficient and complete health & safety management Take photographs of hazards or assets and tag against records as visual evidence or to aid asset identification. Seaward Part No: 380A950