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JP16 (The Japanese Pharmacopoeia 16th edition) conformity and stable electric conductivity measurement  Built-in pure water temperature compensation  USB (Host) and LAN equipped as standard specification  Compliant with USP<645> requirements Meas. range 0 - 200.0 S/m 0 - 20.00 MΩ・m Chloride 0 - 4.00% Concentration 0 - 200% 0 - 100.0 degrees C

Compact DIN 96 size design Auto-detection of electrode deterioration Automated self-diagnosis of fault (burn-out output) Alterable alarm contact signal (4-point) 2-channel output (RS-232 optional) Meas. range: HBM-100A: pH; -1 - 15 HBM-102A: ORP; -2000 - +2000 mV

2-channel type, simultaneous measurement and display of pH/conductivity Power-saving design; rechargeable battery adaptable Waterproof design (IP67: 1m depth, up to 30mins) Data storage up to 1000 points PC and external printer connectable  Measurement items pH, ORP, conductivity, resistivity, salinity, temperature (ORP electrodes sold separately)

Compact DIN 96 size Temperature compensation computed by a microcomputer  Cell constant value adjustable depends on customers' need Water temperature displayable Power supply: AC90 - 264V, 50/60Hz Meas. range Minimum : 0 - 0.2 μS/cm Maximum : 0 - 20 mS/cm

Panel Type Electromagnetic Conductivity Analyzer MBM-100A Compact DIN 96 size Accurate measurements for high conductivity corrosive solutions (such as strong acid/alkali) 2-point contact signal, 4 - 20mA output (RS-232 optional)    Meas. range Minimum : 0 - 2 mS/cm Maximum: 0 - 2000 mS/cm

Immersion/Drop-In Type DO Holder OC-711 / OC-950 Lightweight PVC holder; length of immersion type holder: 0.3 - 3.5 m, length of stainless steel protection pipe for drop-in type holder: 2 - 6 m Electrode: polarograph type 7533L (for standard use) or 7536L (for human waste)

Compact and lightweight model in accordance with DIN standard DC 24V power supply designed for 4-point alarm and 2-wire transmitters Often used as a receiver of 2-wire or 4-wire transmitter (such as pH/ORP meters, conductivity analyzers and DO meters)  Meas. range pH meter: pH; 0 - 14 70divisions (to be specified otherwise)

Measures residual chlorine (total or free) happened in the water chlorination process Continuously measurement with polarographic method 1/5 reagent requirement of existing models RS-485 equipped as standard specification; compatible with Modbus communication system Freely mountable on walls, racks, etc. for the compact lightweight design Meas. range 0 - 0.5/1.0 to 0 - 5/10 mg/L (ppm) (2-range)