Power Quality Analysers

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Power & Energy Logger Control your consumption, manage your energy spending and monitor your network With their ergonomic design suitable for all types of cabinets, the PEL loggers provide all your power and energy measurements simultaneously.  

Power & Energy Logger Same features as the PEL 103 without the LCD display, Enter or Navigation buttons Energy costs can be calculated and displayed quickly and easily by simply inputting the unit cost for a kilowatt hour into the software.  

Single Phase PQ Analyser Like the Qualistar, the CA8230 has a recording mode and a trigger mode for alarms Supplied with the Chauvin MN93A current sensor (120 A). Chauvin Part No: P01160631  

3 Phase Power Analyser QUALISTAR PLUS: PERFORMANCE AND SIMPLICITY FOR ELECTRICAL NETWORK ANALYSIS Please note the Chauvin Arnoux QualiSTAR Plus 8335 is supplied at this price with 4 x A450 Ampflex clamps. Chauvin Arnoux Part No: P01160577  

3 Phase Power Analyser Measure all the necessary voltage, current and power parameters for full diagnosis of an electrical installation Please Note: CT's are sold separately - details of available options are listed on the datasheet. Chauvin Arnoux Part No: CA8334BCFG