Chauvin Arnoux

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K-type Thermocouple Thermometer records environmental temperatures across a wide range with scientific precision The CA861 has a ‘hold function’ to keep a displayed measurement on the screen. Chauvin Part No: P01.6501.01Z  

K-type Thermocouple Thermometer Can be operated in degrees Celsius or Fahrenheit The CA863 has a ‘hold function’ to keep a displayed measurement on the screen. Chauvin Part No: P01650201Z  

Single-Phase Ratiometer A POWERFUL RATIO TESTER THAT STORES UP TO 10,000 TEST RESULTS IN INTERNAL MEMORY The DTR8510 is a second-generation instrument incorporating the latest technology, improving on its highly successful predecessor the DTR8500. Chauvin Part No: P01157702

Price: 915,00 $

Earth Clamp EARTH CLAMP FOR STAKELESS EARTH MEASUREMENTS Each Chauvin clamp-on earth resistance tester is delivered in a carrying case with one 9V battery and a user’s manual. Chauvin Part No: P01122012  

LF Fieldmeter The C.A 42 fieldmeter is specially designed to measure electric and magnetic fields in the low-frequency range (from DC to 400kHz) Checks the field levels present at a site in the context of international standards governing the protection of individuals in a private capacity or at their places of work. Chauvin Part No: P01167003  

10A Micro-ohmmeter RUGGED AND LEAKPROOF, THE C.A 6240 IS A TOP-OF-THE-RANGE PRODUCT DESIGNED FOR ON-SITE, WORKSHOP OR LABORATORY USE Ergonomic, lightweight and compact, Its wide LCD screen comprising 2 digital displays is particularly easy to read. Chauvin Part No: P01143200

Earth Resistance Tester CAN BE USED UNDER DIFFICULT CONDITIONS WITHOUT SUBSTANTIALLY AFFECTING ACCURACY 4 in 1 tester: earth resistance and coupling, continuity and resistivity. Chauvin Part No: P01126506

Single Phase PQ Analyser Like the Qualistar, the CA8230 has a recording mode and a trigger mode for alarms Supplied with the Chauvin MN93A current sensor (120 A). Chauvin Part No: P01160631