Frequency, Power & Function Generator

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FEATURES * High sensitivity for the VHF & UHF frequency measurement, useful for the CB amateur. * Handheld & pocket size instrument. * Wide measuring range up to 2.6 GHz. * Good resolution, 0.1 Hz min. display unit for 10 MHz range. * Used the exclusive Microprocessor IC offered the intelligent function: Frequency, Period, Multi resolution, Data hold, Relative measurement, Data record( Max., Min., Average reading). * Auto power off & manual power off. * LCD display for low power consumption & clear read-out even in bright ambient light condition.

FEATURES * Deluxe function generator combined with a 5 digit, high resolution 60 MHz counter. * 4-in-1 instrument : Function Generator Pulse Generator Sweep Generator Frequency Counter. * 6 waves forms for function generator. * Function generator range : 0.5 Hz to 3 MHz.

FEATURES * Multi-functions : WATT, VA, Whr, PF ( Power factor ), ACV, ACA, DCV, DCA, Hz, ohm. * True AC power( Watt ) & apparent power ( VA ) measurement. * True rms display for ACV, ACA. * Supper large LCD, display the Watt, Power factor, Voltage & Current value at the same time. * Accept inductive clamp or CT input. * Peak hold & data hold function. * Hi, low alarm setting, RS-232/