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Stemming from the design and manufacture demands of electronic industries, GW Instek offers diverse...
In addition to provid complete electronic test and measurement instruments, GW Instek...
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Features - Frequency Range: 9kHz ~ 3GHz- High Frequency Stability: 25ppb (0.025ppm)- RBW: 10Hz ~ 10kHz in 1-3 steps, 10kHz ~ 1MHz in 10% adjustable steps- Phase Noise: -88dBc/Hz @1GHz, 10kHz Offset- Built-in Measurement Functions: Channel Power, N-dB bandwidth, OCBW, ACPR, SEM, TOI, CNR, CTB, CSO- Built-in Spectrogram and Topographic Display Modes- Gate Sweep Function- 1Hz Resolution Marker Counter- AM/FM Demodulation Analysis- 886MHz IF Output for User’s Extended Applications- Various Interface: USB Host/Device, RS-232, LXI, Micro SD, GPIB (Optional)- 8.4" large TFT LCD display with SVGA resolution of 800 *600- DVI-I Output for External Digital Display- Built-in Preamplifier, 50dB Attenuator, and Sequence Function- Optional 6GHz Power Sensor, Tracking Generator, Battery Back

Features - Frequency Range : 150kHz ~ 3GHz- Autoset Function- Noise Floor: ≦-100dBm- RBW Range : 30kHz, 100kHz, 300kHz, 1MHz- ACPR/CHPW/OCBW Measurement - 3 Traces in Different Colors- Split Window Function- Limit Line Function- Remote Control Software- Presentation Material for Training Courses- Support Interface : USB Device/Host, RS-232C- 5.6” TFT LCD with VGA Output

Features * Low Noise Floor(-117dBm@1GHz, 3k RBW)* Sequence Programming Functions * ACPR, OCBW, Channel Power, N-dB and Phase Jitter Measurements * 10 Markers with Delta Marker, Peak Functions * AC/DC/Battery(Option)three modes of power supply* USB/RS-232C/GPIB(Option) Interface * 6.4" TFT Color LCD, Resolution: 640x480 * Optional Tracking Generator * Optional Preamplifier  

Features * Frequency Range: 150kHz ~1GHz * Fully Digital Phase Locked Loop Technique Design * High Frequency Stability:±10ppm * RBW : 3K, 30k, 220k, 4MHz * High Input Protection Level : +30dBm,±25VDC * Reference Level Range : -30dBm~ +20dBm * Two Markers for Absolute and Relative Measurement * Support standard RS-232C Interface to connect with PC* Options: Tracking Generator, Power Meter, Remote Control Software  

Features - Frequency Range: 34.5MHz ~ 4400MHz- Output Power Range: -30dBm ~ 0dBm- Continuous Wave Signal Without any Modulation- Support Fixed Frequency, Frequency Sweep, Frequency Hopping & Power Sweep Mode- -107dBc/Hz Phase Noise @100kHz Offset- Frequency Resolution: 10kHz- PC USB Interface Powered and Controlled- External PC Software Support Different Operating System

Features * 150/100/70MHz Bandwidths* 1GSa/s Real-Time Sample Rates Maximum, 25GSa/s Equivalent-Time* 2Mega Points Record Length* 2mV~10V Vertical Scale* 1ns~50s Horizontal Range* Up to 27 Automatic Measurements* 5.7" TFT LCD Display* USB Host and Device Interface Supported* Go/NoGo Function* Data Logger* Limited Lifetime Warranty

Features * 100/70/50 MHz Bandwidth with 2 Input Channels* 250MSa/s Real-Time and 25GSa/s Equivalent-Time Sampling * 4k Memory Length per Channel * Peak Detect as Fast as 10ns * Save/Recall of 15 Front Panel Settings & Waveforms * 5.7" TFT Color Display * 19 Auto Measurements * Arithmetic Operators - Add, Subtract, FFT * USB Port for PC Connection* Data Logger * Limited Lifetime Warranty  

Features * 500/350/250/150MHz with 2/4 Channels* 5GSa/s RT or 100GSa/s ET Sampling Rate* Independent Memory for Each Channel * VPO Technology * Large 8-inch 800x600 Display * Split Screen Function * 3 Built-in Impedances (50Ω/75Ω/1MΩ)* Power Analysis Software (Optional)* Serial Bus Analysis Software for I2C, SPI and UART (Optional)