GW INSTEK GOS-6000 Series


* 2 Channels, 4 Traces:
* DC~50M/30MHz Bandwidth
* 1mV/div ~ 20V/div 
* CRT Readout 
* Cursor Measurement, 6 Digit Frequency Counter, 10 sets Memory for 
* Front Panel Setting Save & Recall
* ALT, MAG Function (x 5, x 10, x 20) 
* Vertical Mode Triggering 
* TV Synchronization 
* Buzzer Alarm & LED Indicators



The GOS-6000 Series Analog Oscilloscopes provides a remarkable combination of high performance and compact design in bandwidth ranging between 30 and 50 MHz. Coupled with various trigger functions, waveforms can be acquired and observed in diverse application fields. Signals can be magnified by a ratio of x5, x10 and x20 in the use of the ALT MAG function. Together with the Cursor Readout and Frequency Counter functions (GOS-6051/6031), the GOS-6000 Series offers tremendous value for your investment in testing and analysis.




Type 6-inch rectangular type with internal graticule; 
0%, 10%, 90%, 100% markers. 8 x10 div(1div=1cm)
Accelerating Potential GOS-6051:approx.10kV; GOS-6031 : approx. 2kV
Illumination  Provided (GOS-6051/6031)
Trace Rotation Provided
Z-axis Input Sensitivity : at least 5V ; Polarity : positive going input decrease ntensity 
Usable frequency range : DC to 2MHz ; Max. input voltage : 30V (DC + AC peak) at 1kHz or less 
Input Impedance:GOS-6051:approx.33kΩ ;GOS-6031:approx.47kΩ
Sensitivity and Accuracy 1mV ~ 2mV/div ±5%, 5mV ~ 20V/div ±3%, 14 calibrated steps in 1-2-5 sequence
Vernier Vertical Sensitivity Continuously variable to 1/2.5 or less of panel indicate value
Bandwidth (-3dB) and Rise Time
    Bandwidth (-3dB) Rise Time
GOS-6051 5mV ~ 20V/div DC ~ 50MHz  Approx. 7ns
1mV ~ 2mV/div DC ~ 7MHz Approx. 50ns
GOS-6031 5mV ~ 20V/div DC ~ 30MHz  Approx. 11.7ns
1mV ~ 2mV/div DC ~ 7MHz Approx. 50ns
Maximum Input Voltage 400V (DC + AC peak) at 1kHz or less
Input Coupling AC, DC, GND
Input Impedance 1MΩ ±2% / /approx. 25pF
Vertical Modes CH1, CH2, DUAL (CHOP, ALT), ADD, CH2 INV
Chop Frequency Approx. 250kHz
Dynamic Range GOS-6051:8 div at 40MHz, 6div at 50MHz; GOS-6031:8 div at 20MHz, 6div at 30MHz
Sweep Time 0.2μs ~ 0.5s/div, 20 steps selectable in 1-2-5 sequence, continuous variable control between steps at least 1 : 2.5
Accuracy ±3%, ±5% at x5/ x10MAG, ±8% at x 20MAG
Sweep Magnification x5, x10, x20 MAG
Maximum Sweep Time 
(at MAG)
GOS-6051 : 20ns/div (10ns/div are uncalibrated)
GOS-6031 : 50ns/div (10ns/div ~ 40nS/div are uncalibrated)
ALT-MAG Function Available
Trigger Mode AUTO, NORM, TV
Trigger Source VERT-MODE, CH1, CH2, LINE, EXT
Trigger Coupling AC, HFR, LFR, TV-V(-), TV-H(-)
Trigger Slope “+”or“ - ”polarity
Trigger Sensitivity
GOS-6051 20Hz~5MHz 5MHz~40MHz 40MHz~50MHz
GOS-6031 20Hz~2MHz 2MHz~20MHz 20MHz~30MHz
CH1, CH2 0.5div 1.5div 2.0div
Vert-Mode 2.0div 3.0div 3.5div
EXT 200mV 800mV 1V

TV sync pulse more than 1 div (CH1, CH2, VERT-MODE) or 200mV (EXT)

External Trigger Input Input impedance: Approx.1MΩ//25pF(AC coupling);
Max. input voltage: 400V(DC+AC peak)at 1kHz
Hold-off Time Variable
Input X-axis: CH1 ; Y-axis: CH2
Sensitivity 1mV ~ 20V/div
Bandwidth X-axis: DC ~ 500kHz (-3dB)
Phase Difference 3°or less from DC to 50kHz
CH1 Signal Output Voltage : approx. 20mV/div (with 50Ω terminated)
Bandwidth : 50Hz to at least 5MHz
Calibrator Output Voltage : 0.5V ±3%
Frequency : approx. 1kHz, square wave
Panel Setting Display CH1/CH2 sensitivity, sweep time, trigger condition
Panel Setting Save & Recall 10 sets
Cursor Measurement Cursor measurement function : ΔV, ΔT, 1/ΔT 
Cursor resolution : 1/25 div ;
Effective cursor range : vertical : ±3 div ; Horizontal : ±4 div
Display digits : Max. 6-digits decimal
Frequency Counter Frequency range :GOS-6051 : 50Hz ~ 50MHz; GOS-6031 : 50Hz ~ 30MHz
Accuracy : ±0.01% 
Measuring sensitivity : more than 2 div
(measuring source selected from CH1 or CH2 as synchronous signal sources)
  AC 100V/ 120V/ 230V ±10%, 50Hz/ 60Hz
  275(W) x 130(H) x 370(D) mm; Approx. 7.2kg

Accessories :

 User manual x 1, Power cord x 1

GTP-060A-4: 60MHz (10:1/1:1) Switchable Passive Probe (one per channel)

Optional Accessories
  Test lead, BNC-BNC heads
GTC-001  Instrument cart, 450(W) x 430(D)mm (120V input socket)
GTC-002  Instrument cart, 330(W) x 430(D)mm (120V input socket)

Ordering Information: 


GOS-6051  50MHz, Readout Analog Oscilloscope with Cursor Measurement and Frequency Counter
GOS-6031  30MHz, Readout Analog Oscilloscope with Cursor Measurement and Frequency Counter




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