GAS DNA DA-100 Series (explosion proof) SMART Gas Detector/Transmitter(4~20mA) & Explosion Proof

Category: Gas Detector

DA-100 detects combustible or toxic gas leakage and transmits standard electric current output signal 4 ~ 20mA to be connected with various controllers such as gas leakage warning device (GMS-1000/1500/2000), PLC, DDC, or MMR for individual or integrated gas monitoring system(controller).

[ Features ]

4-20mA Transmitter:
standard electric current output signal (4-20mA) enables a stable transmission even in long distance up to 2.5km.

[ Specification ]

Detection principle Catalytic, electro-chemical, NDIR, or PID
Gas sampling Diffusion
Measurement range 0 ~ 100%LEL, 0 ~ 10,000ppm, 0 ~ 100%VOL
Target gas Combustible or toxic - see the table of target gases
Response time within 20 seconds, 90%/full scale
Accuracy ≤2% /full scale
Calibration One-touch auto calibration
Sensor displacement Zero calibration: ≤±1%LEL/6 month
span calibration: ≤±1%LEL/6 month
Self diagnosis Display sensor failure on built-in FND(S.Er), 2mA output
Input power DC 20 ~ 30V
Output signal 4 ~ 20mA/full scale – up to 2.5km transmission
Operating temp. & humidity -20℃~ 50℃, 5 ~ 95% RH (Non-Condensing)
Signal cable CVVS & CVVSB 1.25sq x 3 Wire - Shield Type
Conduit tube 1/2" or 3/4" PF, NPT
Installation type Wall or Pipe Mounting
Casing material Cast aluminum alloy
Explosion-proof approval Ex d IIC T5



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