BANTE TDSscan20 Pocket TDS Tester

TDSscan20 is a multi-range pocket TDS tester that suitable for

measuring the Total Dissolved Solids of liquids. By measuring

the TDS values of liquid, you can determine the water purity,

or mineral levels in the water.




Standard platinum sensor provides fast and reliable measurements.

Up to 3 points calibration allows user to uses customized calibration


Adjustable TDS conversion factors.

Automatic Temperature Compensation ensures highly accurate

    measurements over the entire range.

Hold function freezes the current displayed value for easy viewing
    and recording.

Setup menu lets user customize calibration points, temperature unit,

    automatic or manual hold function to meet personal preferences.

Reset feature allows user to resume all of the default settings.

Auto-power off feature helps you effectively conserve battery life.

Replaceable electrode reduces maintenance and replacement cost.

Waterproof feature to ensures complete protection in harsh



Order Code and Accessories:


2דAAA” Batteries


TDS Calibration Solution (71.8ppm, 744.7ppm, 7447ppm)

Carrying Case

2דAAA” Batteries

   Model   TDSscan20    
   TDS Range   0~10ppt (Max. 20ppt, Depending on factor setting)
   TDS Accuracy   ±1% Full Scale
   TDS Factor   0.1~1.0 (Default 0.5)
   Calibration Points   1, 2 or 3 points
   Calibration Solutions   100ppm, 1000ppm, 10ppt
   Temperature Range   0~60°C, 32~140°F
   Temperature Accuracy   ±1°C
   Temperature Calibration   Measuring value ±10°C
   Temperature Compensation   0~60°C, 32~140°F
   Temperature Coefficient   2% per °C
   Cell Constant   K=1
   Normalization Temperature   25°C
   Auto-Off   Manual or Automatic (8 minutes after last key pressed)
   Hold Function   Manual or Automatic
   Reset Function   Yes
   Sensor Type   Platinum (Order Code: ECscan-C1-10K)
   Connector   6-pin
   Operating Temperature   0~60°C, 32~140°F
   Power Requirements   2×1.5V "AAA" Batteries
   Battery Life   Approximately 150 hours
   Dimensions   185(L)×40(Dia.)mm
   Weight   100 grams


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