Sew 4102 MF

● Measures Insulation Resistance, voltage (AC-DC) measurements
● Automatic hold facility.
● Continuity test with a short circuit current of minimum 200mA.
● MOV and Gas Arrester Testing.
● Energy conservation is feature.
● EnerSave™ limits the test duration to about 10 Seconds to save energy.
● No moving parts. All calibration are saved internally in a non volatile memory.
● Easy calibration at any facility around the world.
● Low cost maintenance, calibration, and ownership.
● Complies to all the latest regulations, including UK.
Insulation Test    
Test voltage (DC V)  250V / 500V / 1000V
Output voltage @ 1mA  Rated test Voltage +10% Max
Measuring ranges 0.2M~2G / 0.2M-4G / 0.2M-8G
Accuracy 0.2M~4G : ±3%rdg
~8G : ±5%rdg
When voltage is constant,
Current is limited at
Short circuit current 4mA Max.
Continuity Test    
Measuring ranges 0.01-1999
Accuracy 0.01-100 : ±1.0%rdg
: ±1.5%rdg
: ±2.0%rdg
Short circuit current >220mA
Open circuit voltage 5V dc
Resolution ±2 counts
AC voltage (Auto)  0-700V
DC voltage (Auto) 0-950V
Accuracy ±1.5% rdg
Resolution ±1V
MOV Test & GAS Arrester Test  
Test voltage 5-1020Vdc
Voltage result accuracy ±3% rdg
Voltage result resolution ±2 counts
Over load 700V (between all terminals)
Over voltage Class III-700V towards ground
Fuse 500mA 250V, (5 × 20mm), HBC, Fast Blow
Display 2 lines × 16 characters LCD
Auto-null threshold 5
Buzzer threshold 3
Fast test 10Sec
Long test 60Sec
With PI and DAR
test function
Load battery test current About 300mA
Operating temperature 0°C to 40°C not in full sun
Storage temperature -10°C to 50°C
Dimensions 250(L) × 190(W) × 110(D)mm
Weight (battery included) Approx 1460g.
Power source 1.5V(AA) × 8


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