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Combustion Analyzers

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The Testo 310 can stand up to the toughest job site Five-line backlit display with two-line readout and easy-to-navigate menu 30 second start-up time Work all day with a 10-hour rechargable battery Quick swapable replacement filters Powerful magnets in the 310 allows for hands-free operation Easy emptying of the integrated condensate trap Wireless printer option with integrated magnets

High-definition & easy to understand graphic display Simple "Traffic Light" sensor diagnostics & monitoring 30 second start-up time Ultra-rugged & hard rubberized housing to withstand work-place abuse Work all day with Lithium rechargable battery technology Internally housed magnets for hands-free operation Easy to see & replace probe filters Hardened cam-lock fittings that are leak-free Replacable sensors that last up to 3 years Stores up to 500 tests with on-site printing and download options

Intuitive graphic Display Simple graphics alert you when combustion parameters are out of range Long-life Sensors with over-range protection Measure CO up to 30,000 ppm Instument diagnostics and quick leak check at the touch of a button On-board memory for up to 500,000 readings Optional EasyHeat Software for data management 20 selectable fuels with 10 user defined fuels A USB interface for data readout to PC Optional probes for: Differential Temp. Gas Leak 330-2G Optional Analyzer with Bluetooth connectivity

New instrument design 240 x 320 Color graphic display Graphic processing of data Self diagnostics Gas standing pressure test User defined fuels Logger function for long term measurement Long life sensors (up to 6 years CO & O2) 4 year sensor guarantee Reduced cost of ownership Memory up to 500,000 readings USB interface for data readout to PC Over 10 hours continuous operation