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Leak Detectors

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Flexible measurement probe for inaccessible pipes TopSafe case protects from dirt and impact (optional) Audible alarm if limit value is exceeded Optical alarm Flexible measurement probe for hard to reach locations Optical and audible alarms signal when limits are exceeded DVGW approval

Reliable recognition of escaping flue gases Bendable measurement probe for points which are difficult to access Audible and visual alarm DVGW approved

Shows gas concentration in visual bar display Sensor self-test following switch-on Audible confirmation of readiness to operate Increasing alarm sounds with increasing gas concentration Continuous sound if alarm threshold is exceeded Battery monitoring with optical display

Patented heated diode sensor provides excellent sensitivity of 0.15 ounces/year High/low sensitivity adjustment allows you to decrease sensitivity to pinpoint leak source Easy one button operation Automatic zeroing compensates for the background adjustment of refrigerant build-up