Fluke Networks PTNX8-VVPRO Advanced Pocket Toner NX8 Voice & Video Pro Kit

Category: Coax Cable Testers

When it come to high production in testing both TV and telephone jacks, The Fluke Networks PTNX8-VV-PRO Pocket Toner NX8 Voice & Video Pro Kit has the ability to test multiple voice and video jacks all at the same time making this the ultimate "Triple Play" kit! The exciting Dial Tone Detective (DTD) used to detect the presence of dial tone and proper polarity on voice jacks, is also included in this kit.

Included with the Fluke Networks PTNX8VVPRO is the Fluke Networks PTNX8, the best tone and tag tool for testing continuity, shorts, 50-75 Ω termination, and polarity–on eight cables at once! Simply place each of the numbered ID caps on the remote ends of the cables to test then connect the main unit to the other end of the test cables one at a time. If there is continuity, the green LED on the ID cap will light and the main unit will show the ID cap’s number (1-8) on its digital display. In addition, the audible indicator in the main unit will emit a short tone. PTNX8 also tests for the presence of both AC and DC voltages from 6v-48v.


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