Sensors, Multi-Trans, Clamp adaptors

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Permits extension of the AC and DC current ranges of almost any Digital Multimeters (DMMs) without breaking the circuit under test. • Using KEW 8115 with KEW 1051/1052 (DMM) the display can be set for direct reading in A.

AC CLAMP ADAPTOR • Model 8006 is designed to measure AC current up to1500A. • It can accommodate up to 60mm-dia conductor or 50mm by 75mm bus-bar.

AC CLAMP ADAPTOR • Model 8112 clamp adaptor is designed to be an AC current/voltage conversion probe capable of measuring AC current from 0.1mA to 120A in conjunction with digital multimeters. Simple to operate, the unit has range switch position at 200mA,2A and 20A. It also features safety design throughout with no exposed metal parts.

AC CLAMP ADAPTOR Model 8112BNC is an AC clamp adaptor designed for use with oscilloscopes. Output cord has a BNC connector which enables direct observation of current waveform on oscilloscope. Refer to a diagram shown at left for application. Specifications are same as those for Model 8112.

AC/DC CLAMP ADAPTOR • Model 8113 is a clamp-on AC/DC current/voltage converter that permits AC/DC current measurements from 1mA to 200A in conjunction with a voltmeter having 0.1mV resolution.

Multi-Trans How to Use Clamp your instrument around the pick-up coil of the multi-tran. Then, clamp the transformer jaws of the multi-tran on the conductor, as shown below. Multiply the reading of your clamp meter by 10 to obtain the current value measured.