RIX210 - Multi-Purpose Deluxe Moisture Meter Kit

Category: Moisture meters


This is a set of moisture sensors for measuring different type of materials.Moisture sensors includes 1 unit of pin-type sensor, 1 unit of roller-type sensor.

FAQ: Is this model really can measure moisture of the paper and other materials reliably?

Answer: Yes. We have tested it. Our customers have tested it. If your application consists of measuring moisture in between a stack of paper, I suggest you get the optional RIX223 sword moisture probe (sell separately) also.


The Instrument for measuring moisture content in materials.

Kit Includes:

1. Digital moisture meter

2. No.704M…Protection cap

3. No.7021….Pin-type probe.

4. No.7022….roller-type probe.

5. No.701P….Replacement electrodes.

6. No.7029….006P9V Battery.

7. No.766C….Plastic Carrying Case.

8. Multi-National User’s Manual.

Specifications of M70-Kit:

Measuring Range

5.5 to 99.9% H2O%WME

Operating Range

-20 to +50degc,<90%RH



Sampling rate.

Approx. 0.3 Seconds

Data Memory

99 Readings.


Dual LCD Display with Multi-Function.

Wood Group Scales

Select from 8 Wood Species Groups.

Signal Output

Analog DC 0~1V (10 mV/1%), Load >500Ħ.


Built-in Calibration Adjustment.

Power Source

One 9V Battery. AC adaptor (Option)


Other options:


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